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The Bubblemi Blaster is ideal for any occasion – from Weddings and Photoshoots to Birthday Celebrations and Pool Parties!


Photo shoots

Birthday Parties

Poolside Fun

Backyard Games

Fun at Night

Providing Endless
Bubble Fun
Unlike Any Other Toy

Experience a whole new level of outdoor play with the brand-new Bubblemi Blaster. With this innovative toy, parents and children alike can enjoy making memories and having fun outdoors. Whether you are young or simply young at heart, you will be delighted by the Bubblemi Blaster’s ability to shoot out a captivating cascade of shining, colorful bubbles – all with a single click of the trigger.

It has a robust, yet lightweight construction, making it suitable for users of any age. Add a sense of awe and wonder to any gathering with its stunning iridescent bubbles!

Over 4000 Verified Customers Rate it 4.9/5

Find Out Why Users Love
The Bubblemi Blaster

This innovative gadget has gone viral for its many features, transforming any gathering into an adventure! It is considered game changer for pool parties and the perfect gift for anyone who likes to spend time outside.
Experience why thousands of users are enjoying the Bubblemi Blaster.

Impressive Bubble Cascade

With a single pull of the trigger, you can watch as the air is filled with thousands of sparkling bubbles. Enjoy endless fun while you surround yourself with magical colors.

Brilliant Colorful LEDs

The Bubblemi Blaster also has built-in LED lights, illuminating each bubble in a rainbow of colors. This enchanting spectacle is especially fun after dark when the lights are at their brightest!

Ergonomic Design

Due to its ergonomic design and comfortable grip, the Bubblemi Blaster offers hours of playtime. The blaster is lightweight, and the controls are easy to use, making it ideal for children and adults alike. It can be used in any outdoor space, from parks to back gardens.

Longer Battery Life

The Bubblemi Blaster comes with rechargeable batteries , ensuring hours of excitement and bubble fun – without interruptions.

ABS Plastic

to Refill



Over 4000 Verified Customers Rate it 4.9/5

Easy to Use,
Easy to Enjoy

With how easy the Bubblemi Blaster is to use,
it comes as no surprise
that this toy is a
favorite among people of all ages.


Ensure the Built-In Batteries are Charged


Pour Out
the Bubble Solution


Dip the Bubblemi Blaster Head into the Bubble Liquid


Squeeze the Trigger, Unleash the Bubbles, and Enjoy!

Over 4000 Verified Customers Rate it 4.9/5

Better Bubbles, Better Features

This viral gadget takes blowing bubbles to a whole new level.
Keep reading to discover why it is better than more traditional bubble guns.


  • Very Few Bubbles per Shot
  • No LED Lights
  • Difficult to Use (Manual Pump)
  • Short Battery Life
  • No Money Back Guarantee

Bubblemi Blaster

  • Blast Thousands of Bubbles per Click
  • Stunning LED Lights
  • Easy to Operate
  • Battery Operated, Rechargeable
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Over 4000 Verified Customers Rate it 4.9/5

Customer Reviews


5 Stars

Verified Reviews

  • Number of Bubbles 5 Stars 4.9
  • Easy to Use 5 Stars 4.8
  • LED Lighting 5 Stars 4.7
  • Durability 5 Stars 4.5
  • Child-Safe 5 Stars 4.6

Tons of Fun!

5 Stars

Our family gatherings have never been more fun than with this little blaster! The kids love playing with it and most of the grownups can’t resist joining in as well. Endless joy and smiles!

Sally A.Verified IconVerified Customer

Delightful Bubbly Experience

5 Stars

We bought the Bubblemi Blaster for our son’s birthday, and we were not disappointed! It was a hit with all the kids at the party. They especially enjoyed the LED lights once it got dark!

Harry B.Verified IconVerified Customer

Best Bubble Gun Ever!

5 Stars

I have tried countless bubble guns in the past, and they never impressed me much. The Bubblemi Blaster is for sure the best I’ve ever tried! It makes way more bubbles than any of my previous guns, and it seems much sturdier.

Emily C.Verified IconVerified Customer

Awesome Battery Life

5 Stars

This blaster is a must-have on any family trip outdoors. We take it everywhere, and it keeps the kids entertained for hours. Well worth the price!

John C.Verified IconVerified Customer

Over 4000 Verified Customers Rate it 4.9/5


How do I load my Bubblemi Blaster?

To load your blaster, simply pour the bubble solution into the tray and dip the front of the gun into it. After a few seconds, take it out. Your blaster is now loaded!

How do I turn my Bubblemi Blaster on?
Can I put any battery into the Bubblemi Blaster?
How do I charge my blaster’s battery?
Can I use any bubble solution?
How should I clean by Bubblemi Blaster?
Is the bubble liquid safe for kids?
What is the return policy?
How many colors does the Bubblemi Blaster come in?
Where can I buy a Bubblemi Blaster?

Over 4000 Verified Customers Rate it 4.9/5